Tousaka Rin

Sample Character: Tousaka Rin

Rin is one of the protagonist/heroines of the original Fate/Stay Night scenarios and the sequel, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. She is the scion of the Tousaka family of mages, who helped create the first Grail War System. At the time of the Fate/Stay Night scenarios, Rin had received no formal training from the Magi’s Association, but she had been trained extensively by her father and later, her guardian, Kotomine Kirei. A rough approximation of Rin’s BESM stats follows.

Name: Rin Tousaka
Size: Medium
Character Points: 350

Stats 170 (aprox. 50% of total CP)

Body: 4 – 40CP
Mind: 8 – 80CP
Soul: 5 – 50CP

Derived Values
HP: 45
Energy: 65
Energy Recovery: 6 per Hour
Attack Combat Value: 6
Defense Combat Value: 6
Damage Multiplier: 5
Shock Value: 9

Attributes 132

Attribute Rank/Variables Cost
Dynamic Powers: Average One (30/rank) Rank 3 84
Deplete 2 -3
Activation 3 -3
Weapon: Gandr Bolt (2/rank) Rank 5 11
Deplete 2 -2
Range 2 +2
Accurate 1 +1
Item: Mystic Code: Gems Rank 7 6 + 3 x Gem (36 total)
Range 2 +2
Area 2 +2
Ammo 4 -4
Inaccurate 1 (only at range) -1
Activation 1 -1

Skils 38

Skill/Rank Specialization Cost
Occult 4 Gem Magic 8
Area Knowledge 2 Fuyuki City 2
Domestic Arts 2 Estate Management 2
Intimidation 3 Tsundere 6
Sports 2 Archery 2
Language 4 Japanese, German, Latin, Old English 4
Medical 2 Magical Healing 4


Aside from a few small deviations from the norm, Rin is a very good template for a Magus character. Her CP is skewed slightly toward Attributes due to her expendable Gem Items, and her status as an NPC reduces the number of skills she needed to be given. In general, player characters should aim closer to 50 CP worth of skills.

The Deplete mechanic has been modified from standard for the entirety of this campaign. On spell-type weapon Attributes, Deplete will remove one point of Energy per rank per use. Rin would be able to fire 31 rounds of her Gandr Spell before collapsing. Weapon Attributes for mages must have a Deplete defect equal to the rank of the Weapon divided by two (round down).

Dynamic Powers will have an energy cost applied commensurate to the task being performed. For stating, deduct the median Deplete cost (-3) from your Dynamic Power Attribute.

Rin’s Dynamic Power Attribute is inflated unfairly due to her having all four Elemental Affinities (and the title Average One). The normal cost for this Attribute is 20/rank, not 30. I strongly encourage player to not take more than 3 ranks in Dynamic Powers, as it will reduce your fast action combat options.

As a rule, Attributes should not exceed Rank 6. Consumable item type weapons are the exception. Rin’s Gems posses an unstated secondary function, acting as Mana batteries, each containing their Rank times 5 points of Energy that can be accessed at the cost of depleting the item. All storage type Mystic Codes have this unstated function. Your total Energy can never exceed your maximum.

Finally, Rin lacks ranks in several key attributes because I was more concerned with her magical mechanics than her game mechanics. Attack Combat Mastery and Defense Combat Mastery are both absent. These Attributes affect their respective derived values. While it would be unusual for a Magus to posses excessive ranks in either of these abilities, some are needed for game purposes. To make up for this, Rin’s Gandr spell was given a rank of the Accurate modifier, allowing her to hit her targets more often. While the core book advises against it, for your Mages, this is an acceptable solution.

Tousaka Rin

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