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After the disastrous conclusion of the 5th Grail War in Fuyuki City, the Einzbern Family decided that rather than try to recreate the destroyed Grail of Fuyuki, they would attempt to induce innovation in the stale formula of Heaven’s Feel by allowing outsiders to attempt to recreate the magic of the Grail. A number of prominent Mage families across the world received instructions to the ritual. However, the Einzberns miscalculated. Because only one functioning Grail System could be active at a time, the dissemination of information triggered an impromptu race to finish a new Grail System. In their rush, many Mage families took shortcuts to acquire necessary materials and manpower. This did not go unnoticed. Many agencies and governments who had been kept outside the magical world by years of secrecy were suddenly allowed a peek into its inner workings. An unknown agency within the U.S. Government, one which already had ties to the occult, took advantage of the security lapse. They hijacked an attempt to create a Grail System in California, moved the project to Massachusetts and used their superior manpower to rush the completion of the System.

Completed in 2010, the Salem Grail System underwent startup in the Spring of 2012 and began selecting participants for the first war by the end of that year. The war was slated to begin formally in January of 2014. The Holy Church was notified in 2013, but they had knowledge of the new System’s existence as early as 2011. In accordance, the Church provided a Judge, Executor Alexi Vodovatov. Executor Vodovatov voiced concern over the integrity of the new Grail System, but he was overruled by the Clock Tower Authorities in conjunction with the Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament.

Historical Notes

The original Great Grail System was intended to be a gateway to access the lost Third Magic, Heaven’s Feel. Originally mastered by the Einzbern family in mists of history, the Third Magic allowed for the physical manifestation of the human soul. Approximately 250 years ago, the three great mage families of the East, the Einzberns, the Tousakas, and the Makiri Clan, created the Grail System together. While its original function was to restore access to the Third Magic, the fully powered Grail could also be used to grant a single wish, or more accurately, fully materialize the true desire of a soul.

Unfortunately, the Grail was only capable of realizing one instance of the Third Magic at a time. With a regeneration time of nearly 60 years, the three families decided that the wait was too long and turned to war with one another. The Grail System adapted to this and altered the summoning spells used to create its artificial attendants. In their place, seven Servants were summoned as a method of refining the raw mana accumulating within the Grail. As the Servants were slain in battle, the refined Prana, combined with the sustaining energy of the seven masters, would be poured back into the Grail system, forming the final catalyst for the Third Magic.

During the Third Grail War, the Einzbern family used their unparalleled knowledge of the Grail System to substitute a custom Servant, Avenger, for the Berserker Class. They intended to summon an unimaginably powerful force, Angra Mainyu, the source of all evil in Zoroastrianism. However, the Avenger Servant was staggeringly weak and was quickly slain. When the refined Prana of Avenger was reintroduced into the Grail, the evil of Angra Mainyu corrupted the Grail System. The corruption allowed for the summoning of evil, infamous spirits as Servants, and worked to corrupt those sought it.

The events of the Fourth Grail War convinced Emiya Kiritsugu, a participating Master, that the Grail was corrupted beyond redemption. He dynamited the Grail System’s core chamber in preparation to destroy it, and brought the Fourth Grail War to a premature end. This backfired, and the Fifth Grail War started nearly 50 years early. During the Fifth War, the corruption within the Grail evolved enough to manifest and took control of Matou Sakura, the Master of that War’s Rider Servant. The subsequent disaster resulted in the deaths of several Masters, their Servants and the Church’s observer, Kotomine Kirei as well as the near-total destruction of the Grail System, its redundancies and most of the residual evil left by Angra Mainyu.

In the wake of the destruction, members of The Clock Tower returned to Fuyuki City with the goal of recreating the Grail System. However, their plan was opposed by Lord El-Melloi II and one of the Masters of the 5th war, Tousaka Rin. During the resulting conflict, portions of the original system were either copied or stolen from the combat zone. These components would later be used in the creation of the Salem Grail System.

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