Salem, Mass

Salem, Mass.

Salem is a typical New England urban/suburban community adjacent to and dependent on the Greater Boston Metropolitan Region. Its downtown and central town regions are a blend of commercial and residential areas, focused on the old Harbor Areas of Collins Cove, Beverly Harbor and Palmer Cove.

The downtown regions of Salem are ill-suited for Grail War battles due to the majority of them being dominated by small stores, civic facilities and houses. Fortunately, several small industrial sectors do exist. Most notably, the Water Treatment Facility overlooking most of Cat Cove and a small warehouse district just north of Palmer Cove and behind the city’s harbor breakwater. These regions are idea for staging after-hours ambushes.

Salem sports a surprising amount of untempered forest land within the city limits, particularly for a city of its size. Salem Woods is a large forest southwest of the city center. It’s surrounded by a golf course and an encroaching residential region to the west, but is isolated enough to be useful. A railroad does run through the center of the region, but it is mostly unused.

South of the Wood is the Swampscott Quarry which is still in use, but could be used for a potential battleground.

The eastern city limits, bordering Spring Pond are also undeveloped, but less densely wooded than the heart of the Salem Woods.

Steer Swamp lies outside the city limits in the town of Marblehead, but is just across the water from the city center. The region is small and more densely populated than other regions, but is very proximate to a large number of cemeteries if you’re looking for that kind of thing.

A little over four miles out from the city center, in the mouth of Salem Sound, are Misery Island and Little Misery. These islands are uninhabited and lightly wooded and have strong associations with supernatural phenomena and hauntings.

In the north of town are the adjacent St. Mary’s and Greenlawn cemeteries. Both are sprawling complexes with plenty of history and open space.

The community of Salem is heavily flavored by its history as the site of one of the most infamous witch trials in history. Much of the downtown region is dominated by either historical museums and tourist traps, or ubiquitous, new age Wiccan style boutiques. It is likely that there are practicing witches in the area, but they could be hiding in plain sight.

The region boasts rich leylines, amplified by the spiritual significance of the area’s history. It is highly likely that the Grail System is hidden in one of the less developed areas of the city, tapped into the strongest of the local leylines, but locating it could be difficult due to the region’s naturally high ambient spiritual energy.

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Salem, Mass

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