The 6th Grail War

Development: Phase 2

I’ve been doing some fairly intensive research into the Fate/Stay Night universe over the past few weeks. Devouring the American Type-Moon Wikia, digging out my copies of the Animes of F/SN and Lunar Legend Tsukihime. I downloaded and watched most of the Kara no Kyoukai movies and, of course, I’ve still been keeping up with Fate/Zero.

Additionally, my copy of Fate/EXTRA arrived yesterday and I just found out I could download Fate/Unlimited Codes to my PSP from the PSN. Only about 2/3rds of all this media is going to be relevant to the campaign, but that’s still a lot of material to hash through. Two conclusions: There’s no way I’m going to retain half of what I need at the rate I’m currently going, and wouldn’t it be nice to share some of this information with the players?

So the current project, in addition to the ongoing world building, character creation and storyline conception, I’ve decided to ‘blog’ my entire collection of Type-Moon material. All here. All for anyone to find. These blogs will be posted to the Adventure Log section of the Campaign Wiki with the tagline “Type-Moon.” They will also be discontinued before play begins, so the log can be kept clean for the players. If time allows, (it won’t) I’ll move completed material over to the Wiki proper.

There isn’t going to be a distinct order to this. I’ll be watching episodes of the older Anime, while playing Fate/EXTRA and keeping current on Fate/Zero, so everything’s going to be in a jumble. I’ll try to parse some annotations so people won’t be completely lost, but the point of the blogs is as a summary of interesting or useful information/facts anyway. Ideally, the blogs won’t be confusing to start with, but we’ll see how things turn out.


Development: Phase 1
Recruitment and Relations

I’m just going to make some notes here on the development process for the 6th Grail War. It’s been about a week since I started working on this project. I’ve been very much inspired by the recent anime releases of Fate/Zero and started working on a project to abstractly stat a set of Servants using Type-Moon’s own system. From there, it wasn’t a huge leap to creating statistics in a less abstract system. I was familiar with the BESM system and after a few hours of research, I came to the conclusion that as long as I wasn’t running a traditional campaign that required lots and lots of monsters, BESM would be just fine.

And here we are.

I’ve spent the week working on moving series concepts into statted realities and compiling that information into a Character Creation document, which I’ll be moving onto the wiki tonight or tomorrow. I’ve also fleshed out some of the setting details, such as moving the Grail War to Salem, Mass; a location I’m more familiar with than the fictional Fuyuki City. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that Fate/ has made the jump to the US. In the ‘approved’ fan fiction/scrubbed game concept, Fate/Strange Fake, the Grail War was moved to to the fictional town of Snowfield in northern California. I’m following the general shape of the Strange Fake setting, including the involvement of the US Military and the distortion of the original Grail System.

My primary concern at this junction is players. I’m hoping to fill five seats, leaving me in control of only two Master/Servant pairs, but I can probably make the game function with as few as three. Because most of the gameplay is going to be effectively PvP, I’m hoping that I can get players that all get along fairly well. Not having a lot of luck so far. I have one confirmed player and one tentative yes pending confirmation of the game. I have a bad track record with bringing game concepts to the playable phase, so hopefully this digital system will help keep me on track.

Next: Why Attributes make my head hurt.


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