The 6th Grail War


New things!

First, thank you all for getting registered and set up here at Obsidian Portal. I don’t think we’ll be using this for anything other than hosting all the documents I’ve been creating, but it makes for a nice way to message you all at the same time.

I’m in the process of uploading more documents on mage creation today and next week and I should have all of the relevant info up by next weekend (unless I decide to write another 10 page thing…). From this point on, anything posted here is for public consumption. Anything I may have linked you in the past, including draft versions of things posted here, incomplete setting documents and Servant concepts are not to be shared. Most of them are obsolete and could prove to be confusing. Only information posted here is still relevant. If you are missing something critical, please let me know and I will post it to the wiki.

Second, as you all are starting the process of creating mages and selecting your Heroic Spirit, please know that I am removing Caster from the pool of available Servants. I need that class for storyline purposes and it is by far the hardest to balance so I am removing the temptation now. All 6 other classes are available and the NPCs will summon after you do to maximize your odds of getting what you want.

Please note, any Servant concepts created by me during pre-production are off limits for selection. This is because some of them were shared around so I could get feedback on my designs and their identities and abilities may be known to other players. If you really want to play one of the Servants created in this fashion, we can work something out, but you’d be better off coming up with something new.

Finally, I may have a 4th for the game. AJ has expressed an interest in joining us. I’m going to chat with him tonight and we’ll see if he’s up for it. If he is, I’d like to move into character creation as soon as I’ve posted everything.

Thanks everyone!



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